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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


All I want to do is just lie in bed and eat chocolate for the rest of the day.

Like Milton:

It's the last day of the year and as I reflect on 2008 I realize that I don't really have much to say for myself. My agenda is organized trimester-ly so every trimester I will jot down what I have achieved.

First Quarter = nothing particularly extraordinary. Knitted a lot to the point I got an RSI injury.

Second Quarter = Ho Hum

Third Quarter = Got my car, went back to church. It was as if my life had just begun.

Fourth Quarter = What can I say? Probably the best quarter of the year, although also the most stressful in many ways.

Blog readers may think they read my blog and know what's going in my life but the truth is that what I write here is but a drop in a huge bucket of water of my life.


Apart from the usual wishes for good health and a good start to my stellar career as a dentist (me, a dentist! Sometimes I still find it hard to believe), I guess there are a lot of other things I would like to achieve.

Except I don't actually know what they are.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Am currently packing up my life for the grand move on Monday morning.

It makes me wonder how I managed to drag everything into this house. There's just so many things!

It's times like this that I wish I had the sense to live a minimalist life. After all, do I really need 10 highlighters and 15 different colored pens? I think not.

Anyway, more Milton photos!

Milton in the wash basin - Was cleaning out his crate and decided to pop him into the wash basin for a nap while I slaved away.

Milton and Froggie - I'm tired of chewing Froggie, are there any new toys??

Milton Eating Breakfast - Is there mince meat today? There is! Yippeee!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Back To Usual

Went to Smith Street today with the intention of eating some truffles at Monsieur Truffe but when we arrived it was closed. Since we were already there, decided to explore a few dollar shops around that area and came back with these goodies:

1. Harness and Leash - Milton hate his collar and leash. I tried everything - telling him "NO", dipping the leash in Listerine to make it less tasty and trying to lure him away from it with treats. Nothing worked. However, this harness has worked like a charm. He now walks without chewing. Very worth the money.

2. Water Bowl - Sick and tired of pouring out more water into his water bowl 3 times a day, decided to invest in one of these self re-filling bowls. Milton loves it.

3. Nail Clippers

4. Hair brush - Breeder recommended that I buy a AUD60 brush. Refused to spend that kind of money - even I don't have a AUD60 hair brush!! Bought this instead - works beautifully.

How much did I pay for all of these things?



I love dollar shops.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Strange Fruit

I was at a friend's house and we were looking at the garden when I encountered this on the grape vine.

Me: Is that some sort of flower or fruit?
Mom: It's a mop head.

In my defense, the color matched!!!!


Wallet Resurrected

I've had a pink Gucci wallet (leather lined canvas) for the past 3 years and when my father came to Australia for my graduation, he decided that spilling black tea on it would be an excellent idea.

As I sat there and mourned the loss of my wallet (yet at the same time secretly kinda happy that I could get a new one) my dad said all was not lost and perhaps when it dried the stains will be gone.

I dismissed that suggestion as wishful thinking but the next morning - my wallet was as good as new.

Not. Kidding.

All my dad did was to swab it with with some water and left it to dry. Pretty amazing.

Conclusion? Gucci isn't so bad after all.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

High Maintenence

Milton is high maintainence.

After the Boxing Day fiasco he was very quiet at home but seeing that it was after such a scare I decided it was normal.

Then I noticed he was pawing at his right ear a lot. Didn't think much of it until his right eye started having some greenish discharge and upon inspection I saw it - what looked like a scratch in his eye.

Panicked and called the breeder, who told me that it could wait until today.

Went to the vet bright and early this morning (with a Sunday surcharge, no less!) and was told he had a cornea ulcer.

How did he get it? Must have banged into something/got scratched by a plant/scratched himself when he was pawing.

So now he has to get some eye ointment put in for the next 3 days. The good news is that it should heal quite easily.

Feeling poor. However, he's finally housetrained!! Very happy about that. Took 19 days of sleepless nights.

Milton - Lying on my lap. He's very smart - he'll choose the most comfortable spot in the room that's available, be it my lap, a cushion, the sheepskin rug or the sofa.

Milton the Boss - I'll just sit here on this nice comfortable chair and tell you what to do.


Animal Emergency

Milton was chasing after a pair of shoes when the catastrophe happened - the 24kg luggage my mom was weighing in the kitchen toppled over and fell on him.

As I frantically extracted him he squealed like he never squealed before and lay still in a really odd position. He then managed to get up but had a limp on his left leg.

Panicked, I quickly bundled him into the crate and drove to the vet. For one heart stopping moment I thought he had died.

Anyway, being Boxing Day and all the regular vet was closed and so I had to make the journey to Animal Emergency in Airport West.

Turns out he's fine - although my bank account would beg to differ. No broken legs or anything - just shock. He lay shivering and salivating for the rest of the day. Mince meat perked him up though and this morning he ate his favourite frozen chicken neck with gusto.

I guess i didn't realize how much emotion I had invested in him until then.

Milton after bath - Wet and miserable, waiting for his ears to dry.

Milton and Forceps - Yes, Dr Isabella Edwards gave me a lucky squeaky forceps that would help me extract teeth for the rest of my life. Milton's favourite chew toy.

Milton Down - Milton has successfully "downed". Can I have my treat now?

Milton Bored - Mommy, you wash my feet every time after I pee. I don't wanna!

Milton Right after he'd had his paws rinsed and pat dry.

Enough drama to last me a lifetime.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Milton isn't fully immunized yet but he was so miserable at home I decided to bring him to the Botanical Gardens - except I carried him all the way so he didn't get a chance to actually sniff anything on the ground. He was reasonably satisfied with that compromise.

Usually nobody speaks to me at the park but today almost every person who passed by stopped to fuss over him.

On the park bench

Milton's Tongue - First shot of his tongue out.

Toilet training is going semi-successfully. Sometimes he's really good but sometimes he has his tantrums. I left him at home a couple of nights ago and visited a family friend with a dog. The moment I came home he sniffed me suspiciously and threw a tanty at me!

Milton: How dare you go out and play with another dog! I'm going to pee in the house!

Which was what he did.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

In The Courtyard

Milton was restless and irritable after for the 5th meal in a row I did not hand the food immediately. No no - Dental Girl had other plans.

Every time it's time to eat, I'll hold his dog bowl and pick out his dry dog food piece by piece and say...

Me: Milton, sit.
Milton: *sit*
Me: Good sit! *hands over one piece* Milton, down.
Milton: *down*
Me: Good down! *hands over another piece* Milton, shake hands.

It goes on and on and on and on...I think I probably make him repeat and learn new things for at least 50-75 pieces of kibble before I finally settle the bowl down (left with almost nothing after his intensive training) and let him eat his dinner in peace.

However, he can now sit, down, shake hands, roll over, turn around and stay. Not bad for a 12 week old puppy. Admittedly, he had no choice but to learn.

Anyway, as I said - he was a little sulky.

Decided to cheer him up. Brought him to the courtyard downstairs. Here's a few photos of him:

What is this place and how do I get home?? - Milton is scared of the outdoors. He follows me everywhere I go outside, probably fearing that I would abandon him.

Flowers? - Milton investigates.

I think I'll try to pluck some.

Me: Milton, wake up!
Milton: Do I have to? :(

Yes, I'm putting words into my dog's mouth now. So sue me.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Different Strokes

Whenever I mention that I have gotten a puppy, there are 2 responses.

1. Aww how cute!!! What's-his-name-where-did-you-get-it-I-love-dogs-too-omg-I'm-so-jealous!!!

2. Isn't it a great inconvenience how are you going to take care of it dogs are a great responsibility. *grumble grumble*


Thursday, December 18, 2008


My friend has a grown Cavalier and yesterday night he brought him over to meet Milton.

It soon became obvious that Milton was so deliriously happy to have a doggy playmate that he decided that the only right thing to do was to follow Micah around the house and attempt to hump him.


Surprisingly Micah just let this tiny little 3 month old pipsqueek have his way. However, he drew the line when it came to pork bits.

He stood there jealously guarding the piece of pork and growling whenever Milton came near. Hilarious.

As a result of all the excitement last night today Milton is quiet like a lamb and just snoozing on my lap as we speak. I love him heaps when he's this way. Not so much when he goes crazy.

Leash Chewing - Milton chewing his leash. Absolutely hates it. Haven't found a solution to this attitude problem yet.

Yes, this blog is getting Milton centered.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Went to Canberra yesterday to renew my passport and get a police clearance done. Spent the entire day there just to get those 2 measley documents.

This is how the queue system works - they hand out cardboard pieces with numbers written on them. Very old school.

Headed to the CBD of Canberra for lunch and visited a pet shop there. Bought a pork piece for Milton and looked at some rabbits for sale.

All in all, a very exhausting and boring trip.


Monday, December 15, 2008


Taking care of Milton is almost like taking care of a newborn baby - I'm absolutely exhausted!

He can only hold it at night for about 4 hours which means I never get more than 4 hours of sleep straight. And if that wasn't enough the apartment agent has been harassing us almost daily for inspections in their attempt to rent off this apartment. As a result, I've been having to sneak him over to other apartments/hide him in the closet whenever they come.

All my hard work is paying off though - Milton knows to walk to the balcony when he needs to go and as for his chewing, I've found what he hates the most and have used it to my advantage.

A can full of coins that I shake when I want him to stop biting whatever he's attacking. He really hates that sound.

It's come to the point where all I have to do is reach for the can and he backs off.

Now if only the apartment agent would just LEAVE ME ALONE.


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Drove all the way to Mentone today in the pouring rain to visit a family friend. Melbourne's weather has been uncharacteristically wet. I have to say that I am longing for true summer weather - warm sun and blue skies. Not cold winter-like days!

Anyway, the family friend had a Russian Blue cat called Nicky. Very cute.

On the way there, I dropped by a pet shop to get a rawhide bone to keep Milton busy. My hands have been mercilessly bitten and nipped by his surprisingly sharp and strong baby teeth. Here he is keeping busy with his new chew toy.

May that rawhide bone last forever.


Friday, December 12, 2008


Froggie is a handphone holder that I decided to sacrifice to the greater good of preventing my entire house from being chewed up to Milton.

Milton will go to bed at night with Froggie and play with him when he's allowed out for short periods of time after he has done his business. Here's a shot of him and the poor mangled soft toy.

Taking care of him is a full time job. Mainly because I'm determined to toilet train him as quickly as possible and avoid as many mistakes as possible - meaning I have to watch him like a hawk whenever he's out of his crate. However, he's a really sweet little puppy and I'm happy I got him.

More photos to follow - the truth is I'm too busy taking care of him to actually take photos as well as make sure he doesn't start chewing up my shoes and bags and clothes and etc.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Week

In the busiest week of my life, it was a week of driving long distance almost every single day.

Started off on Monday when I went off to find my future home. Finally settled on this house:

It's a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home for me, Milton and another dentistry friend

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I went over to Phillip Island with my parents for a short trip away. On the way, we saw these pelicans at the shore. I've never ever seen pelicans and to be honest their bills were kind of terrifying. Reminded me of a very very large pair of scissors.

On Thursday and Friday I went down the coast to see the 12 Apostles and other attractions of the Great Ocean Road. Went to the treetop walk in Otway even though I am well known for my fear of heights.

Mom: You will never come here again so you my as well go.
Me: ....:S:S:S

Anyway, I managed to do it although I was absolutely petrified. I think it reflects in this photo when I was 35m up, frantically clutching onto the rails.

On Saturday, it was graduation. Here's the first bouquet I've ever received in my life - by received I mean my parents bought it for me and I picked out exactly what I wanted. Brown wrapping paper because the graduation gown's trimming color for Dentistry was a champagne-y brown.

Sunday we headed to the Dandenong Hills. In one of the gardens there was a huge field of daisies so big and pretty I had to take a photo there.

And on Monday I went to Yarragon to take Milton home.

Tiring but fun week. Back to the hum drum existence of reigstering to be a dentist, application forms, health checks and boring moving.



Read an article online about how the moon, Mars and Jupiter will be together and it was a rare occurrence. Managed to capture that sight a few nights ago before the sun had fully set.

Milton is with me now - no photos yet because I've been too busy mothering him. So far not too bad - he has the sense to whine when nature calls and hasn't really been keeping me up at night as some dogs do when they are separated from their friends. Only thing is that he's in his teething stage now and therefore bites everything in sight e.g. fingers, toes, clothes, wires.

Will do a more extensive update another time with more photos.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Snatch Theft

As I strolled across the street holding a chip in one hand, oblivious to everything and enjoying the coastal scenery, I felt something flutter over my shoulder and a tug on my fingers.

Looked down and realized that my chip was gone and a seagull was triumphantly flying away with it.

Never knew they were so bold.


Life is good.

More details when everything is settled down. Busy busy for now.