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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Milton isn't fully immunized yet but he was so miserable at home I decided to bring him to the Botanical Gardens - except I carried him all the way so he didn't get a chance to actually sniff anything on the ground. He was reasonably satisfied with that compromise.

Usually nobody speaks to me at the park but today almost every person who passed by stopped to fuss over him.

On the park bench

Milton's Tongue - First shot of his tongue out.

Toilet training is going semi-successfully. Sometimes he's really good but sometimes he has his tantrums. I left him at home a couple of nights ago and visited a family friend with a dog. The moment I came home he sniffed me suspiciously and threw a tanty at me!

Milton: How dare you go out and play with another dog! I'm going to pee in the house!

Which was what he did.


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soooo cute! and i'm sure he must be a gazillion times more adorable in the flesh. merry christmas! love xx

By Anonymous mayne, at 12/26/2008 1:17 AM  

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