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Saturday, December 27, 2008

High Maintenence

Milton is high maintainence.

After the Boxing Day fiasco he was very quiet at home but seeing that it was after such a scare I decided it was normal.

Then I noticed he was pawing at his right ear a lot. Didn't think much of it until his right eye started having some greenish discharge and upon inspection I saw it - what looked like a scratch in his eye.

Panicked and called the breeder, who told me that it could wait until today.

Went to the vet bright and early this morning (with a Sunday surcharge, no less!) and was told he had a cornea ulcer.

How did he get it? Must have banged into something/got scratched by a plant/scratched himself when he was pawing.

So now he has to get some eye ointment put in for the next 3 days. The good news is that it should heal quite easily.

Feeling poor. However, he's finally housetrained!! Very happy about that. Took 19 days of sleepless nights.

Milton - Lying on my lap. He's very smart - he'll choose the most comfortable spot in the room that's available, be it my lap, a cushion, the sheepskin rug or the sofa.

Milton the Boss - I'll just sit here on this nice comfortable chair and tell you what to do.


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