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Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Room

I know I should be posting up pictures of cakes and shopping items but the truth is - I'm just way too lazy to do that right now. So everybody would just have to wait.

I've been cleaning up my room for the past two days. It's amazing how many things I have. It makes me wonder how did my parents let me buy so many of the exact same things i.e. jigsaw puzzles (my room is almost completely covered with them), hourglasses and various other small collectible knick knacks. Have finally gotten over obsession and have packed everything to be given away to a new generation of kids to enchant them the way it enchanted me when I was a innocent doe-eyed 12 year old.

I cleaned up for a few reasons:

1. According to feng shui it's good to clean up your room and be as neat and tidy as possible for positive chi to flow into your life. My mom calls it plain common sense and she could have told me that.

2. I wanted to create space for my bags. They've been homeless long enough.

3. I'm currently bored out of my mind.

Lately all I've been doing is watch Scrubs, stupid shows like "My Own" on MTV and eat.

Shall make an effort to be more productive.


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