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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Things people have been saying around me lately:

Friend of Mom's: Your daughter doesn't look like a dentist at all. I mean, she looks normal.
Mom: What were you expecting?
Friend of Mom's: I don't know... someone... bigger and less fragile?

Since when did dentists have to be big and beefy? Hmph.

Mom: Have you heard? Mrs A's daughter is dating a 32 year old man who is supposedly studying theology. She's your age!!! *scandalized*
Me: Uh huh. So what?
Mom: 32!!! Theology!!! I doubt he's really doing that. Most likely he's an older man preying on innocent young girls.
Me: So I suppose if he's 32 but a successful say... neurosurgeon or orthodontist it wouldn't be a problem? *amused*
Dad: *cutting in* No normal successful neurosurgeon or orthodontist would be single at 32. Don't be ridiculous.

That statement struck me as very true.

Me in boutique: Ohh, there's a Prada bag here. Must be fake.
Salesperson: Yeah, it's fake. But it's AAA quality from Korea.
Me: Well, you can still see the difference, but it's a pretty good copy.
Salesperson: What about the bag you're carrying? Is it real or fake?
Me: Does it look real or fake to you?
Salesperson: *appraisingly* You don't look like you're local. You sound like a Singaporean or a city girl. I'm going to guess it's real.

I was born and raised in a small town. Does 4 years abroad do this to a person? Or maybe it's just merely because I spoke English in a town that is dominated by mandarin?

Sometimes I am a stranger to myself.


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