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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve

Every year I get a present from overseas from a friend who would send a Christmas gift and a birthday gift every year faithfully. This year - the gift has not arrived.

I guess I feel empty - no card no nothing.

Doesn't help that me and my parents have been snapping at each other since early morning when I put on a top that was deemed 'obscene' by them (it had sleeves and was v-neck). I spent the whole morning in church pointing out similarly 'obscenely' dressed people and spent the afternoon fuming.

The rest of the night was spent continually bickering. It was like an annoying mosquito that refused to go away. Everything from my attitude about my housemate 'When I was in university they paired us up randomly and I never had any problems' to my clothes yet again 'Look at X. That's my idea of a decently dressed girl'.

I could scream.


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