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Friday, December 15, 2006

Where's My Shoes??

I'm going up to KL tomorrow. This should be a happy occasion.

Me: Where's my shoes?
Mom: How would I know?
Me: I left at least 10 pairs here!!!!
Mom: I don't see any. I don't remember you leaving any back here either.
Mom: *ignore mode*

I have no shoes to wear.

If that's not bad enough - I don't have clothes to wear. Everything I own apparently is not decent enough. Even a t-shirt with sleeves and slightly v-neck is considered obscene by my parents.

"Do you want to get raped?!"

Also, I'm only allowed to bring one bag and I can't decide which to bring. The best matching one is a tote.

"Do you want to be a victim of snatch theft?!"



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