Tooth Fairy In The Making

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Went to Babka on Brunswick St today in celebration of the fact that I have a free day.

I've heard several rave reviews about their baked goods and decided to have a look and see for myself what it's all about. I've decided it's not too bad, but nothing mind blowing.

Also went to the Alanah Hill outlet on the same street and came out with nothing. Frankly, I think it's overpriced flimsy material that isn't even cut very well.

Now sitting in the comfort of my home with the rain pouring ouside. There's certainly more rain this year than the last, which is a good thing I guess, due to the drought etc. If only rain would fall over the water catchment areas exclusively and not in the city! The good side is that my car got a wash.

Am currently making seri muka. Hoping it turns out well and not overly coconuty.


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