Tooth Fairy In The Making

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Couldn't live another day without something sweet to eat and decided to indulge myself. Flicked through a few recipes and decided to bake a chocolate cake.

Very pleased that there will be 2 potluck dinners this weekend, which means 2 perfectly reasonable excuses to bake 2 cakes. And decorate it!! The mere prospect of it gives me great delight.

Anyway, I've always read that dental floss was good for cutting cakes. I always brushed off the idea, "Well duh, nothing a knife can't do." However, decided to try it today and it works spectacularly! Extremely pleased with the clean cuts it produces.

Hmm... can a toothbrush make petals more lifelike? Will using my perio probe help me achieve symmetrical lines down to the milimetre? Can a polishing strip remove rough edges from my cakes?

Yes, I have entered dental geek territory.


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