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Friday, May 16, 2008

Dental Girl Is Obsessed

Spent my day cleaning out my apartment. By cleaning out I mean really cleaning out - every nook and cranny.

I never go into cleaning frenzies like this, mainly because I honestly can't be bothered. But today, no speck of dust stood a chance against me.

Managed to come up with a few new ways to organize the clutter in my house and as a result have a much neater apartment now. All I need is someone to kindly volunteer to take our unwanted clothes to Salvation Army. Yes, this is a large hint to anyone who wants to participate in this worthy worthy cause. Would do it myself, if I could physically drag 3 boxes full of clothes there.

On another note, I've been getting a lot of cuts/bruises on my hands and I have no idea where they're coming from. This leads to the need to Tegederm everything. Now, I know Tegederm really works blabla, but every time I rip it off I feel as if I just made my wound worse. Perhaps I should try with some gauze over it first before applying...

The weekend beckons. Fully intend to make full use of it before Monday comes along again.

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