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Thursday, May 15, 2008


1. Cook meals for the rest of the week - check.

2. Get some passport photos - check.

3. Submit Working With Children form - check.

4. Buy foundation (self-pampering of the week) - check.

5. Find envelopes to match stationery - check.

6. Clean up room - check.

Bonus things?

For some reason the post office took my passport photographs for free. Is that supposed to be?

Oh, and got a gift pack from Lancome as well as a free facial - current promotion running in Myer. So instead of 20 lipglosses, I now have 22 lipglosses.

And I love corn on the cob.

Great day.


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Thst is definitely not supposed to be! Passport photos at the post office cost, like, $14. How on earth did you get them for free?

By Blogger Miss Milk, at 5/15/2008 4:27 PM  

Well, I wanted to submit my Working with Children form, only to realize my stupid point of identification was the wrong point of identification.

Anyway, told the person that I'd just take the photos first then submit the form later in the day if I have time to go back. So he took the photos and when I asked how much it costs he said 'These are on us.'


Maybe it's because it's for the working with children form, therefore free? Either that or he felt sorry for me.

By Blogger Dental Girl, at 5/15/2008 6:39 PM  

Or maybe he thought you were goodlooking? Come on, you must at least consider that possibility. :)

By Blogger Miss Milk, at 5/16/2008 5:51 PM  

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