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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ball of Bad Thoughts

Was on the tram at 7.30am in the morning, visualizing my bad thoughts being downloaded into a pulsating blue ball and then flinging it out to outer space. 5 minutes later I got off the tram and realized I had just missed my connecting tram by a couple of minutes.

Took it very philosophically and concluded I didn't want to get onto that tram anyway, and that being late was actually sometimes good for health.

Ended up having a pretty okay day, even though I managed to remove the wrong filling. Note to self: Never, ever assume that distal aspect means it's on the crown - it may also mean on the root! Anyway, I justified my act - 13D cavities should have tooth coloured fillings anyway, not amalgam!

Also had the joy of using a real rubber dam puncher. The kind that actually punches holes. Unlike the ones in RDHM where it kinda does a half-hearted punch, leading to increased likelihood of rubber dam tears and stress. Although I have identified which ones punch better than others... it's a secret I'll never tell. Lol.

Am not only addicted to corn on the cob right now, but also mandarin oranges.


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