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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pride, Patience and Pain

Have had lots of opportunities to cultivate patience this week, particularly in community clinic.

Having done a recent bible study on that very topic, I tried to keep all the principles. For example, one should have patience when the situation can't be changed e.g. suction will only work when it's placed a certain way. Or when a person can't be changed. Or when life just doesn't seem very fair.

Anyway, the way to be patient is to just go with the flow and replace feelings of irritation with laughter.

Managed to limp along to a certain extent but came home to be faced with extreme pain on the left hand side of my face. Could not locate source of pain. Was it odontogenic? Sinusitis? Random stress-induced pain? Concluded it was probably the latter.


I'm quite tired of people who seem to think that they are invincible. At least have the decency to fake humility if you don't have it.

Scratch the above sentence - I shouldn't be complaining.


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