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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hello, Remember Me?

My aunt from Penang came to visit and handed me a boxful of beh teh saw and tambun biscuits from the famous Him Heang shop.

Eating them has somehow been giving me strange feelings of... home.

Lately I've been feeling that no matter how much I deviate from my past life and how much I have changed, at heart deep down inside I am still a small town girl from Batu Pahat.

People say my accent is still very Malaysian, and they're surprised that almost 6 years of being in Australia has not wiped it out of me. Especially since most of my friends I hang out with now were born here. The truth is, perhaps I want to keep it. It is after all one of the only things left about me that suggests my roots.

I confess I have forgotten who I am, clouded by the present life and most of all, neglect.

I miss me.


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