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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There's Jelly In My Mold

We went to Pizza Hut and each got the works - also known as a buffet.

I was happily enjoying my meal until I decided that I wouldn't mind getting a piece of jelly. That's when I noticed that there was mold on it.

Me: Excuse me, I think there's mold on this jelly.
Waitress:'ll talk to the manager about it. you want more jelly?
Me: No??

What disgusts me that the only step they took to make sure that the rest of the jelly in the tub wasn't equally moldy was to get someone to look at it, prod it around (presumably turning over the jelly to hide the moldy bits) and that was it. They left it there.


I'm not impressed with Shepparton food so far to be honest. The KFC there is undoubtably the slowest moving and poorly cooked chicken I've ever encountered.

Going out again tonight. I can only hope there's no other surprises.


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