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Friday, March 07, 2008

We Share Knowledge.

So I was in another community centre just a few days ago with a new demonstrator.

Friend: I'll be doing a buccal cervical prep today.
Demonstrator: Okay... so, what are you going to restore it with?
Friend: GIC.
Demonstrator: Just GIC? You're not going to line it?
Friend: ....No?
Demonstrator: What about Vitrebond?
Friend: ...Isn't Vitrebond GIC as well?!?!
Demonstrator: *Launches into a incredibly boring talk about how lining the tooth apparently gives it thermal protection and there's lots of literature backing up the use of a GIC lining under a GIC restoration*

Has anyone heard of such a theory before?

Ohh, there's more.

Friend: I'll be doing a scale and clean on this patient today.
Demonstrator: Okay. So, what type of LA are u going to give for quadrant 4?
Friend: A IAN block.
Demonstrator: ...Do you think you're doing justice to your patient by numbing up half his jaw just to clean a little bit of his gums?
Friend: ...there's furcation involvement....
Demonstrator: No no no... several infiltrations on the buccal and the lingual is sufficient.

Because of course, several infiltrations is way less excruciating than one block and having half your jaw numb for 2-3 hours!!

Did I also mention that this demonstrator is incredibly boring?? All the while it was just about how one should learn from each other... one should share one another's experiences and be open to all forms of knowledge... and one shouldn't consider one more superior than the other just because one is a demonstrator...

Blar blar blar.

Most. Boring. And. Meaningless. Session. Ever.


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holy crap, thats retarded.

the only time for lower 'infiltrations' is if your blocking from 4 to 4 right? 2 mental blocks instead of 2 IANs.

lol- it reminds me of the time a demonstrator told someone to rub fluoride into a cavited lesion.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/08/2008 3:58 PM  

"Because of course, several infiltrations is way less excruciating than one block and having half your jaw numb for 2-3 hours!!"

That made me LOL so hard. Anyway, I'm not aware that a pt needs LA for a scale and clean. And that a GIC liner is needed for a GIC restoration. =/


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/11/2008 3:33 PM  

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