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Friday, March 21, 2008

Back In Melbourne

Back in Melbourne from Shepparton for 2 weeks - a week of Easter holidays and a week of uni.

I truly had a good time in Shepparton and am immensely grateful that my housemates were all considerate and everything has been all good so far.

After all, my bathroom partner has refrained from squeezing my toothpaste - "Dental Girl, are you kidding? I don't even dare go near your side of the countertop! Your toothpaste is safe from me." Very wise - and considerate.

Anyway, a week and a bit stretches ahead of me. I'm planning to:

1. Bake a carrot souffle. I've never tasted carrot souffle before but I saw a recipe of it and I have a whole bag of carrots. Am intending to experiment.

2. Write up my friend's 21st birthday speech. It's the first time I've been honored to do such a thing and I have to think of what I'm going to say.

3. Paint my nails. Ever since February I've given up. However, I am re-inspired to do so once more.

4. Redecorate my room. Not so much redecorate, but definitely will have to move a few things around.

5. Study? Note the question mark.

6. Plan a birthday cake. Associated with No. 2. 2 of my best friends are turning 21 and I'm the assigned cake baker.

Hopefuly I achieve it all and not squander my holiday by happily lying around in bed and bumming around aimlessly.

I'm going to be productive.


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