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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tooth Bitch?

I've started pre-clinical endodontics today.

Since the first day in the first year of this course we've been told that we should go approach our dentists and ask them to save teeth that they've extracted from their patients so that we can practice doing root canals on them.

So here we are in Fourth Year and I've managed to amass 2 years' worth of teeth from 2 separate dentists and somehow there are people who managed to amass none.

I know that I have a lot of teeth and I should share. But my store is not renewable.

When half a bottle of my teeth vanished into thin air (I had maybe... 300 teeth?) I decided to say something. Needless to say people have harvested the best of the crop.

Now I'm wondering if I'm being a selfish bitch. I still need teeth for end of year exams and the truth is, maybe I am a little selfish. But we had 3 years to go look for teeth!!

There were some people who really just didn't have an incisor or a proper premolar, which was fine. But for people who had none?

Feeling a mixture of guilt and annoyance.


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I left my bottle at the Australian Unity clinic and forgot to collect it. They might still have it there lol

By Blogger Dentist Down Under, at 2/04/2007 1:09 AM  

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