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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Canine Wit

I persuaded my parents to get me a beagle when I was 10 and instead I got 2 white balls of fluff that grew up to be pretty lovable but disobedient dogs.

For starters, although there's a good-sized garden attached to my home, they insist on trying to escape from the house with every possible opportunity.

In their younger days, the event of them breaking lose would result in me having to go chasing after them through the neighbourhood shouting 'Missy, Polar, come back here now!' Can anything be more humiliating? But if I didn't pursue them, they would go gallivanting round the neighbourhood, rousing all the other dogs and worse - come home pregnant (that happened twice).

Incidentally, I did not name them. It was the previous owner who did it. I would have come up with something better or worse.

Anyway, now that they're getting on in years they would wait until 3pm to start whining to be let out of their kennel. And when they do manage to escape from the prison of a home that they feel they're in (ungrateful wretches!) they usually scamper around the neighbourhood for about half an hour then dutifully come home, sit outside the front gate and whine to be let in again.

My brother detests my dogs because of their constant whining and demands to be let in or let out. But they're pretty smart in their own way. At least they know how to come home. Other than that they just follow me around the house and wait to be fed.

I guess that's a dog's life in this house.


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