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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Last weekend me and my friends decided to have a day in watching movies. That included food - namely chestnuts, exotic fruit and cheese fondue.

Having no experience roasting chestnuts except buying them from the old man around the corner who kinda fried them with coffee beans back in Malaysia, I told my friend that probably we should just put it into the oven and let it roast.

Bad. Idea.

First we heard explosions happening in the oven. We figured that wasn't a big deal and that it would be okay when it was cooked.

When it was what we felt 'done', we took it out. We then heard a loud crack and saw chestnut powder sprayed all over the kitchen and chestnut skin on the floor. It happened a couple more times. Quite terrifying, to be honest.

Googling too little too late, we found out that before roasting chestnuts, one is supposed to pierce them first.

Who knew?

P/S: I am terrible at peeling chestnuts. Back home I would position myself next to my dad and pass him an unshelled nut every time I wanted another one. He'd then unshell it for me. In Melbourne, I had no such luxury. My progress was so slow my friends finally took pity on me and gave me several unshelled nuts.

What is a sign of love? When a person would unshell chestnuts willingly for you.


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