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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Quest For The Perfect Pen

I tend not to devote whole posts to what I have been purchasing but this is something that I feel is worth talking about - especially for other girls who are stuck in the same boat.

After a couple of years of lusting after the LV Agenda, I finally decided that buying it would be the only way to get over it. Happy ending?

Not so simple.

I discovered, like so many others before me, that LV has their own agenda. The pen holder is tiny. So tiny that in fact, the only pen that seemed to fit into it is by...LV.

Refusing to shell out another AUD200 or whatever the asking price was for that pen that didn't even look that great, I found a mechanical pencil from Borders that fit the holder for AUD6. However, I always knew that one day I'd get the pen.

The opportunity arose when I misplaced that pencil at Knox. I concluded that losing the pencil was a sign that it was time to move on and get the definitive pen to go with my agenda.

After a couple of weeks, I went to Tiffany, firmly telling myself that it was the place that I would find the pen that I've been seeking. I duly fell in love with a pink pen on display. Only problem was that the experience was reminiscent of Cinderella's stepsister trying to squeeze her too-big foot into the too-small glass slipper, only in this case it was a too-big pen into a too-small holder.


Decided to give the issue a rest and used some other pen I had for the time being, all the while knowing that that was the pen I wanted.

Today I went to Tiffany, requested to see the pink pen again and slipped it into the ring.

I have not used that holder since the last time I tried to stuff it in and failed.

Conclusion? I made it happen, and it was destiny.

Feel free to write me off as crazy.

A present from me to! *gasp* I shouldn't have!

My pink pen in my red agenda. Bliss.

Okay, fine. I'm sure other people with LV agendas will be able to put this Tiffany pen into their agenda at first try. I just like to dramatise my life. Other pens that fit include a couple other Tiffany ones (both signature Tiffany Blue in colour), a AUD500 sterling silver Hermes one (comes with a chain to chain it to your agenda so that you don't lose it) and LV's own range (of course).

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