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Monday, April 28, 2008

Cake Plate

We drove down the main street of Shepparton and I saw a store called "Provincial Living". It struck my fancy and on one of the days when our clinic was cancelled, I forced my friend who was the driver to stop there for a while.

Went in and promptly fell in love with a cake plate on display. Only problem was that the price was outrageous. I refused to cough up the money and decided that I would come back to the city and look for a cheaper alternative.

However, things never work that way for Dental Girl. I came back to the city still lusting after that cake plate and could find no cake plate in the city that had any form etched decorations at the sides of the dome. One could almost say it was the one. In the end I gave in, dragged myself to the Provincial Living in Nunawading, coughed up and came back all smiles.

Told the shopkeeper that it was a gift. Which is not a lie. Me to me presents are still presents and deserve gift wrapping!

Out of the wrapping, onto the table. 
Etched glass - the way I could not find anywhere in Melbourne city for love or money.
Promptly baked  a batch of cupcakes so that I could see how my baked goods would look in it. 



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