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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Boxful of Chocolate

For the upcoming Dentistry Ball, they've decided to raise funds by selling chocolates...again.

So here I am with 48 bars of chocolate, unsure about how to dispose of them.

I could:

1. Eat them all myself.

2. Ask people I know to buy them. This was what I did the last time, and I did not particularly enjoy it. Why? Because many acted as if it was a massive sacrifice on their part to buy a 1 dollar bar of chocolate, like it was a big big favour I just asked of them.

3. Shamelessly ask people I don't know to buy them. Even more confronting than No. 2.

4. Buy them all myself, and give them away. While many would refuse to shell out a dollar, the same people are oh-so-willing to get them for free.

5. Return them to the committee.

I suppose many consider the Dental Ball to be an unworthy cause compared to starving orphans in a war torn country. Fair enough. And I suppose many people do buy chocolate from me because it's a favour to me. Therefore I should not complain, but just put my emotions elsewhere and just do what I have to do to sell them all.

Even if it means being patronised.


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