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Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Secret

A couple of months ago, I wrote that I have never been this happy.

At that time I didn't write what I did to achieve my newfound happiness...mainly because the things I did were not perhaps the most morally sound things to do. However, it has truly helped me become a happier person.

The first thing I did was to get rid of every acquaintance who had a negative effect on me.

Sounds harsh, but true. Too long had I hung on to friends who were just poisonous. To be perfectly honest however, some people did it unintentionally. They were well-meaning, but I culled them anyway. The constant attempt of trying to correct my supposed defective personality did not have a positive effect on me. Dental Girl was depriving the entire African population of food everytime she bought a new designer bag. Dental Girl wasn't a good person because she didn't want to go to a prayer meeting. Etc.

Essentially, I think everyone needs people around them who would build them up, rather than bring them down. I did not realize how many people perpetually made me feel bad until I stopped hanging out with people who did.

People may say that what I did was wrong, but I stand by my choice.

It was a hard thing to do - but the best thing.


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hey yingz, i know exactly how u feel. sometimes enough is juz enough and to get rid of such "friends" is the only way. it may sound mean but after that u can really breathe easy and be happie being yourself. it will also show u who your true friends are.

thumbs up for havin the courage to do what most ppl are afraid to do!


By Anonymous Jolyn7, at 7/20/2007 12:57 AM  

I think you made the right choice.

By Blogger dave, at 8/03/2007 6:28 PM  

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