Tooth Fairy In The Making

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I've been thinking a lot about my life lately. I guess you can say that I'm quite a judgmental person.

I made the decision to be less judgmental and quickly realized that I judge people all the time, and sometimes perhaps way too harshly.

Am making a conscious effort to be more understanding and less cold. Therefore I've decided to forgive:

1. My ex-housemate. It's likely she was having a shittier time than me to behave the way she did.
2. My youth group instructor. So what if she told me off in front of a whole roomful of people for something which I thought was absurdly trivial. In her view, perhaps it was not trivial and she didn't know that telling a teenager off in front of everybody had negative effects.
3. My ex-teachers. Their numerous snide comments over the years were probably things that they didn't even think were hurtful.

Dental Girl has chosen to be less of a drama queen.


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