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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Furry Teeth

Some people describe teeth covered with plaque as 'furry' - supposedly because that's what it feels like.

Well, today I met the furriest teeth I've seen to date.

After vigorous scaling with the EMS (during which plaque came off in strange rubberish strands) I discovered several cavities under the thick layer of 'fur'. It was already starting to collect several unidentified green specks as well.

Me: How often do you brush your teeth?
Patient: Well...I used to brush once a day but I've moved recently...and during the move I lost my toothbrush. So I haven't brushed since.
Me: when did you move?
Patient: Oh...about a month ago?

Anyone considering to get into dentistry should treat a few patients like this first before deciding it is their career of choice.


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And don't you know the answer of "oh ... about a month ago?" really means three or four months ago - or maybe even six ... but the patient didn't want you to think they are *entirely* neglectful of their oral hygiene.

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