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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Haven't been making many wishlists lately. However, these are a few things that would serve me well.

1. A new computer - No offense to my current iBook G3 (Yes, 3!!! To illustrate how old it is!!) but I don't think it can physically keep up with the things I want to do. This blog is devoid of pictures because to upload photos and edit them is just too much for this computer to handle. Am looking forward to getting a new one.

2. Luggage - A nice overnight sort of bag thingie would be good for my trips back to Melbourne next year. Well, that's what I think I would be doing anyway. Who knows? I might love country life so much I might not want to leave.

3. A Cavalier Spaniel - Still undecided if I should make that 10 year commitment and get a dog. I guess it's because I'm not sure what's going to happen in the next 10 years. Been thinking a lot about this.

4. Flatware - Am currently eating with forks and spoons that are not firmly attached to their handles. It is not a pleasant experience to be eating cereal halfway and then realizing your spoon has fallen into the milk.

5. Tableware

All very expensive things. Have to prioritize wisely.


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