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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seeing Red

There are certain things that really make me fly off the handle.

1. Lousy Internet Connection - My internet has been getting into this extremely irritating habit of dropping off the line every 2-3 hours. It really riles me up. With each additional time it happens it pisses me off more and more. It's gotten to the point where I start clicking refresh maniacally and try not to throw things to release my frustration.

2. People who must be right - Even after they are proven wrong, they stick to their original idea. No, it doesn't make any difference even if you showed obvious evidence that they are clearly incorrect - their word is law. For goodness' sake just admit you're wrong and move on!!!

3. Patients who don't show up for their appointments - Then they say that they have problems that need to be resolved.


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