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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Went to Frankston with my friend on Friday in our pursuit of sandcastles that were based on fairytales. Had a lot of fun - spent a lot of time trying to remember old rhymes, e.g. Old King Cole was a merry old soul - and a merry old soul was he. Um...bla bla bla bla'

The sandcastles were truly spectacular - it was so well done and well laid out! Well and truly worth the money and effort to go all the way out there.

Me with Hansel and Gretel

Spent some time at the beach as well. I love the beach - the smell and the colours and....everything. Even if it was freezing cold that day.

We then went for a little shopping. In one of the shops, we found this:

What a pleasant way to portray a name!

All in all, a very nice day out. Who knows when we will be able to do that again.


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Evelyn can be an old-fashioned man's name as well. For example, Evelyn Waugh, the author of 'Brideshead Revisited'.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/03/2008 12:37 AM  

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