Tooth Fairy In The Making

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In Shepparton we had nothing better to do and so a couple of us who were having dental pain decided to get some radiographs taken and to get the demonstrator to give us a check up.

Taking PAs is extremely painful!! I knew it was uncomfortable but this was pure torture. I developed a traumatic ulcer the next day. Will try to be more sympathetic with patients who complain in the future.

Anyway, turns out I have no caries although I have pain everywhere. Go figure.

Various theories have been suggested by different dentists:

1. "It's not your teeth that's hurting, it's your titanium plate that's acting up. Take it out." - OMFS. Vetoed by every other dentist I have been to to be a ridiculous suggestion.

2. "It's probably an occlusion problem. It could be that you've been clenching your teeth a lot, putting pressure on your teeth and therefore causing pain. After all, your occlusion after your surgery is a bit weird." - Future Periodontist.

3. "I don't know about your other teeth, but one of your teeth has a strange anatomy. I would think that the enamel there is thinner and therefore that particular tooth is more sensitive to others when exposed to extreme temperatures." - GP.

4. "Your wisdom tooth is erupting and exerting pressure onto the tooth in front, causing pain." - Another GP. Vetoed by OMFS.

5. "The tooth you're complaining about has not responded to any form of vitality testing. The canal is calcified. I really don't see how anything could be wrong. Would you want me to refer you to an endodontist for a second opinion?" - Yet another GP.

6. "The canal is calcified. We can leave that tooth alone for now" - Endodontist.

The truth? Who knows.


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