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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dental Girl

Sometimes I get tired of being anonymous.

I guess in a way it curbs me from expressing everything that I feel. Like, the readers don't really get to know me. Yet at the same time, perhaps my anonimity allows me to express exactly how I feel (mainly when I'm bitching about stuff).

There's so many photos that I would love to share with you readers yet I hesitate. Also because my computer is so so slow now loading a photo takes ages, which has greatly reduced my motivation to post photos about my life.

Not that there's many. But still.



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I think you should put up some pictures! Then I can know what you look like. I've read the whole thing pretty much....I can't believe you know how to knit! That is cool. I got a new bag this weekend and it made me think of you...haha! It's not designer or anything but it's cute. I paid $13 for it. Maybe I'll post a picture of it!

By Blogger Rachel Greenhalgh, at 9/05/2007 3:48 AM  

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