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Friday, April 06, 2007


As we grow older have we managed to get more and more thick skinned?

Some of the people I know just don't get it.

Many people know that I was obsessively baking last year and giving away the fruits of my labour liberally to basically anyone who came around or friends at uni.

This year I am not as - generous I guess would be the best word for it - and people blatantly expect Dental Girl to be still giving out baked goods like it's her job.

It's not my job. I may occasionally invite friends over to have cake or food, but don't expect me to hand them out.

Then of course there's the knitting.

I do knit for several people who I feel are worthy of my time and effort. But some people blatantly expect me to just knit for them. My gentle hints do nothing to dampen their spirited request/command/expectations.

Acquaintance: Ohh, you can knit one for me too then! Winter is coming I'm cold!
Me: *hint number 1* Well, I could sell one to you.
Acquaintance: Sell? What sort of friend are you?
Me: *hint number 2* Well, you have a girlfriend. Get her to make one for you.
Acquaintance: Ohh.. she's not into this sort of thing. But you are.
Me: Why don't you just get that I'm not going to give you one?!?! Well, don't expect anything anytime soon.
Acquiantance: Well, if I don't expect that I won't get it, won't I?
Me: ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Dental Girl is a horrible friend because she doesn't give out hand knit scarves at people's beck and call. People don't realize that yarn is not cheap and the effort put into knitting is worth even more. They think just because they know me they deserve a scarf.

Well, you don't. Unless I offer, don't expect anything from me.

I'm tired of being used.


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