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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Surrender All

A month ago I heard this song at church. Confident that someone will somehow know it, I didn't bother remembering the lyrics and just remembered that there was a lot of 'Surrender all' repeats.

How wrong I was.

After extensive Googling and asking around finally my friend managed to find the song title. It's called Surrender All (surprise surprise) by the Parachute Band.

God of mercy - show Your mighty hand
God of wonder - breathe on us again
You're my King and all consuming fire
Heaven shakes - Your might tears up the sky

Surrender all, surrender all
I'm dead to sin, alive within
Surrender all, surrender all

God Almighty - change my dark to light
God of passion - gave Your blood as life
You're my King and all consuming fire
Strip away the flesh and take me higher


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