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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And Then There Was One...

Got over my orals.

It annoys me that after studying thousands of pages of notes (well, it feels that way) they just ask a few questions that seems completely inconsequential compared to everything else I've studied.

Anyway, I think I did okay except the examiner kind of suggested that what I said was a white spot and managed it by remineralizing it was cavitated. Well, not suggested. More like...

Examiner: 23D has cavitation. How would you manage it?
Me: :S

I'm not sure if she was stating it as a fact or as a hypothetical. But surely my patient didn't have a cavity there??? I wasn't even sure if it was worth remineralizing and the demonstrator at that time said it was fine! :S I should have just taken an x-ray!! But aren't canines transilluminatable?! She said they aren't and seemed sort of dubious about my management because I didn't.

However, she said 'Good' at the end. You don't say 'good' if you're going to fail someone. Right?

Had a sleepless night over this and probably will be having more sleepless nights until I know for sure.

Anyway, one more paper to go on Friday. Can't wait.


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