Tooth Fairy In The Making

Thursday, June 12, 2008


After one of the worst weeks I've experienced in the year I have somehow managed to emerge smiling.

Still can't believe my demonstrator ripped off the set up on a partial denture because he insisted it was a framework problem that was affecting the occlusion, not the teeth. All I could do was stand there while he ripped off every single tooth that was set in. Was it a framework problem? NO.

Thank God I wasn't the one who waxed up or else I would have probably just... cracked. As it is, I was still traumatized.

However, things can't remain down forever. I am looking forward to a complimentary facial at Lancome tomorrow. It's about time I do something about my blackheads.

Went to Gucci since it's the mind year sales are on now. Was moderately attracted to a monogram wallet with white leather trim with a starfish charm but decided to let it go. I'm in my I-have-enough-nice-things-there's-no-need-to-get-more mode now.

Looking forward to the weekend.


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