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Friday, May 30, 2008

Why I Like Quality Bags

People always tell me buying an expensive bag is no different from buying an inexpensive bag - the only difference is the brand.

"All you need is something to carry your things from point A to point B anyway. One doesn't need something that costs hundreds to do that, does one?"

I'm now going to say - yes. One does.

And I can justify it!

I've been carrying around an inexpensive bag to uni for the past couple of weeks. It's large and roomy and is good for people like me who just want to throw everything and anything into the bag. I was happy with it.

Then I started noticing that my diary looked rather aged recently. So did my key holder.

First I wrote it off as general wear and tear but I have now discovered that the true reason is that the bag dye is bleeding into my stuff.

Very upset, because I take care of my things and now I have no idea how to unbleed it!

Other reasons include:

1. The smell. Cheap bags always smell of some sort of PVC/plastic/very cheap clothes. I don't really know what it is, but it doesn't smell pleasant. Nice bags smell of leather. Indeed, I always aver that one doesn't even have to touch a good quality bag to know it's good. One can smell it.

2. They actually do last longer than cheap bags. Of course, one can't expect the bag to last forever, but it definitely lasts longer than an average one. The handles are always the first to go. And the zips.

3. They never bleed. Stuff may bleed into them (blame stuff, not bag), but they don't bleed outwards. *fume*

Conclusion? I tried to revert back to inexpensive bags, or at least have a mix of some sorts. I really did. But now, I can only tell everyone that they should invest in a good bag. Or several.


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