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Sunday, June 01, 2008

iBook Power Adaptor

I bought my first laptop just before coming to Trinity, when I was just shy of 18.

I'm just 23 and a half years old and I'm still using the same laptop. It has served me well. True, sometimes it's a little bit slow and there are some things that just can't be run on it because the strain may cause it to keel over. But for most part, I'm rather attached to it.

However, the power adaptor is another story. For some reason Apple must have thought that it would be fun to give us a flimsy power adaptor so that we have to fork out AUD129 every time it snaps. I had to replace one 3 years ago, which I was pretty grumpy about. After that incident I decided to be extra careful with this one but yet 3 years ahead the same thing has happened.

Very aggravated. Am currently blogging this with the remnants of my battery life (8%) until my new adaptor gets shipped over.

Will have to get my Facebook and surfing fixes in dental school for a few days, I guess.

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