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Saturday, August 18, 2007

You Poor Rich Diastema-ed Boy

I have this theory that someone who doesn't smile an open smile either:

1. Has something to hide.
2. Has poor self esteem.
3. has bad teeth.

Of course, some may argue that some people look better with a closed smile and therefore prefer taking photos that way. Whatever - I stick by my principle.

Anyway. An acquaintance has a 3-4mm diastema between his upper central incisors. And he always smiles a close smile.

Him: So, do you think that as a dentist you could go out with a guy with bad teeth?
Me: Define bad. Bad as in caries ridden bad, or bad alignment bad?
Him: Alignment bad.
Me: Oh well, with modern orthodontics and cosmetic solutions, it's no big deal. Stuff like that is completely solvable.
Him: What about a gap between one's two front teeth?
Me: Completely solvable.
Him: Do you know the old wives' tale about having a gap between one's teeth?
Me: No?
Him: How could you? You're a dentist and you don't know old wives' tales?
Me: *blink* Am I supposed to?
Him: Well, a gap is meant to mean that the person will be rich one day.
Me: ...Right. So when my patients come in asking me to close their diastema, I'm ultimately rendering them poor?
Him: Well, not really. But yeah, that's the saying. I believe in it.
Me: ...Okay.
Him: Anyway, I'm really comfortable with my gap. Plus, people think I'm good looking anyway. So even with the option of closing it, I wouldn't.
Me: ...Okay.


1. I'm studying to get a Bachelor's Degree of Dental Science. Science. Not folklore, not old wives' tale. Science. Forgive me for not learning about what old wives say.

2. Let's pretend for one second that we do know about face reading. I've heard that feng shui interpretations of it is that one wouldn't be able to retain the money they earn due to gaps between their teeth.

3. If you were really comfortable with your gap, I'm pretty sure you'd smile an open smile. After all, you just said you were a open and honest person.

4. Yeah, you're hot. I'm dying to go out with you.

Tell this bullshit to some other person who actually believes you. I think you should start with someone who doesn't fix teeth for a living.


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"ppl think i'm good-looking anyway"

what an obnoxious arse!! the nerve to speak in that way when he can't even pronounce his "f"s properly. u go, girl. lol.

By Blogger Shermayne, at 8/19/2007 6:48 PM  

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