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Friday, August 17, 2007

Guilt Trips

I swore I would never let anybody guilt trip me to do anything again. The test came today.

New Friend: So, show me some of your photos!
Me: Well, they're all on Facebook. You can check them out there. Just join and add me.
New Friend: I don't join these things. They just clog up your email box.
Me: Well, they're all there.
New Friend: Come on, send some photos to me through MSN!
Me: I can't be bothered.
New Friend: You're not interested to get to know me more, are you?
Me: Now, why would you say that? I just can't be bothered to send photos individually when they're all up already.
New Friend: Ah well, you know, people usually don't put in effort when they are not interested, that's all.

Previous me would have felt bad and sent some photos over. Not the me now!

Me: I guess I could say the same about you.

*(@)#*)! off.


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