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Sunday, August 12, 2007

List of Pet Peeves

I suddenly realize that many things annoy me. For example:

1. Badly squeezed tubes.

2. Wet bathroom floors. Any wet surface that shouldn't be wet, really.

3. Patients showing up late. Anybody showing up late.

4. People who insist their opinion is right. Yeah yeah, we know you think green is the best color. Please don't try to make me a green convert and ridicule my favour for other colours.

5. People who pretend they don't study. "Omg, I haven't studied yet! I'm going to fail" and then get H1 for everything.

6. Smart alecks who think they know everything and think everyone else is beneath them. Elitism at its finest.

7. Assumptions that I should give up whatever I have because you want it. Yes, I do want to sit on this chair! Do you not see my bag on it?

Okay, I shall calm down now. Just had to get it out of my system.

Just thinking of it annoys me.


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