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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More Strange Dreams

I was in the car with my friends when a policeman stopped us.

He arrested us on the grounds that we were with shopping bags, which apparently were illegal. On the way to jail, he told us this was the first day of duty and that he had just graduated from police school.

Halfway along the way, we spied a corpse along the road. The policeman ignored it, saying it would be taken care of by someone else.

At the jail, he suddenly realized that shopping bags were completely legal and allowed us to go. Me and my friends walked towards the car, but he stopped me, saying he would like my number. After he just arrested us for no reason.

By the time I got out of that, my friends had driven off and let me alone in the dark. Absolute darkness.

I called them and they said they were eating cake on Lygon St. Without me.

I blinked. I was back in my bedroom.


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