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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who's Throwing The Tantrum Now?

I know my posts lately have been more like copious amounts of whinging from me.

I can't help it.

My crown and bridge patient just announced that she would be going on holiday for 6 months in 2 weeks' time - effectively meaning that all the work I have done was pretty much for nothing.

The nurse of the day wasn't the greatest either. Why am I using Ketac Cement? If I have Ketac Cement, why do I have Durelon in my bay too? What's my pattern resin on the clean table instead of the mixing bench? Why do I need Lentulo Spirals for? Do I know Durelon has a 1 minute setting time? (right after my demonstrator just informed me it was five. Liar)

So she wasn't in a good mood. Go into a dark corner and sulk instead of asking me completely pointless questions. If I broke some holy golden rule of infection control, fair enough. All I did was just do my own thing - with completely plausible reeasoning behind them. Does she think I want to stock up my own secret stash of Ketac Cement and Lentulo Spirals or something??

Things didn't go well in the Paedo Lab either. Suffice it to say it ended with me throwing my rubber dam, frame and all on the floor, concluding I hated dentistry.

People say I take things too personally and I'm too sensitive. I guess that's kinda true.

Will attempt to stop complaining.


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