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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jacob Lim

I logged onto my Friendster account and saw a new message from a guy called Jacob Lim (Not real name).

I was startled. Jacob Lim was a 30-something year old man that I knew and didn't really like and had always been over-friendly. I frowned. I didn't even know 30-something year old men surfed Friendster!

I opened the message, which said "I would really like to know you more. Add me!"

Clicked on the picture and found out that it was actually a younger and more narcissistic Jacob Lim that was trying to add me. He had full body shorts with his shirt off, absolutely proud and in love with his body.

Laughed hysterically with relief.

Strange thing is that the real name of the two persons isn't all that common.

Life is funny sometimes.

P/S: IF any real Jacob Lims are reading this, I apologize. I don't actually know any Jacob Lims in real life.


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