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Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm Better Than You

Most people have the desire to be better than others - and to make sure that the world knows it, too.

That's why girlfriends demand for presents from their boyfriends - so that they can tell their friends how much their boyfriend loves them - enough to give them a 5 carat diamond ring.

That's why parents expect children to make cards during special occasions like birthdays - so that they can show off to their colleagues at work that their child loves them.

That's why people buy designer goods, flashy cars and ritzy real estate in elite suburbs. That's why people crave to get titles in front or at the back of their names.

That's why when an airline played with the idea of creating all Business Class flights, the idea wasn't very well received - 50% of the reason why people want to fly Business Class is to be able to sail past the cattle class people and feel superior - the other 50% being the better treatment and larger seats. So what's the point of flying Business Class if you don't get preferential treatment?

It's an endless competition that has a tinge of schadenfreude - the pleasure that someone is not as successful as yourself. After all, it's not good enough to be good - one has to be better. If you're doing well, people are hoping you fall flat on your face. If not today, tomorrow.

Some people take it further than others, but I believe everybody has been guilty of this one time or another.

It's exhausting.


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