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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Morning

Was rostered to work on a Saturday morning to deal with emergency patients.

My swipe card to get into the clinic doesn't work on weekends because students aren't supposed to be in the hospital during weekends. While I foolishly stood at the door with my swipecard getting rejected every time I tried, a patient walked through the door and I proceded to go in.

Patient: Are you sure you have access to this area?
Me: Yes. I work here.
Patient: Then why can't you get in?
Me: I don't usually work on Saturdays.
Patient: Do you mind showing me your ID? Just in case.
Me: *shows ID grumpily*

I know he's just doing what is right by his conscience but seriously - do you think I want to be here at 9am on a Saturday morning??


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