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Monday, January 07, 2008

Memory Lane

I was digging around in the drawers of my room and stumbled upon my old diaries. Yes - before I got into blogging, I used to write down my daily happenings on paper.

They were written when I was young and naive - a young and tender 12-15 years old. How I laughed over them!! So many incidents that I have completely forgotten were written there. I never knew that

1. I studied so hard. Every day I'd write down what I'd done for the day in terms of study - it was scary.

2. I was so stressed out. There's an entry where I got 98% for a History test and I was so upset. Man....

3. I was perpetually waiting. My parents were late for picking me up from school. My music teacher came late for classes. Etc.

4. I was sick very often. Almost every month I'd be down with tonsillitis. Not pretty.

5. I talked on the phone all the time.

6. I woke up late. Even at that age, I was already sleeping at 2-3 and waking up at 11. Baddd...

7. I spent the entire Sunday in church. Morning service, Youth Fellowship and then we'd stay on just to have fun.

8. There were many tuitions to attend.

Conclusion? I am so happy I'm all grown up now. Kinda.


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