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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Removing Contact Lenses

I've started to get my nails longer since there's no dentistry to practice and therefore there's no law that states that I have to keep my fingernails short. However, my long fingernails have been making it difficult for me to get my contact lenses out of my eye.

Happily, I found 2 ways to get contact lenses out if you have long fingernails thanks to the world wide web.

1. Take the middle knuckle of your index finger and place it on the lens and in a ā€œJā€ motion sweep the lens down and to the side using you whole finger in the process. The lens will roll up into the side of your eye for you to take out.

2. Use your index and middle finger to pinch the contact lense out of the eye.

Had more success with the first one.

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