Tooth Fairy In The Making

Thursday, December 06, 2007


We were lounging around the house aimlessly with no purpose or direction when my friend came with his dog. We decided that one should not be bumming around the house still in pajamas when Melbourne was kind enough to provide good weather and when we had no clinics to attend.

So we decided to go to Cacao in St Kilda. It's a cafe that serves pastry and chocolates.

Mica - Happy to be out of the house. At least 5 people stopped us on the streets raving about how cute he was with his backpack.

Pain au Raisin - I have a weakness for escargots. If I see it, I will buy it!

Chocolate Crossaint - Yummy. Highly recommended

Cafe Latte

Us - Just happy to be out on such a nice day.


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