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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I Hate...

1. The rubber dam punchers in the clinic. It took me 15 minutes and 10 sheets of rubber dam to punch 3 stupid holes in the stupid dam to put it onto the patient.

2. How all the instruments are all over the place. And when the stupid drawers do not have polishing strips/burs/plastic sleeves/articulating paper etc etc etc!!

3. There's no nurse to help you do anything, leading to you having to take off your gloves 20 times in 1 session and run around the whole place just to find the prescription sheet. And learn to suction and drill and fill and everything with 2 hands.

4. Setting up the radiograph booth.

5. Patients who complain that the session is long and that everything is too slow - like I'm doing it on purpose.

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