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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bombs Away

Spent a pleasant afternoon at a friend's place, where we were supposed to study for our research project. Instead, we spent almost 2 hours on lunch, 2 hours in the pool and half an hour doing some work. I must say that the half hour was a solid half hour (even if it was peppered with M&M's).

I had a really good time. The highlight of it was the food, which was fabulous (the host went to great lengths to ensure we were well fed) and the pool.

The lovely pool - see the wall there? You can actually stand on top of it and jump into the pool. Except I stood on the lower wall and did it because I was too scared to do it from the top. Even the lower wall took me a good half an hour to work up my courage. Yes, I am a wuss.

Me and Maximus - my friend's Burmese cat. He is like all cats are - aloof.

Food - Table all set on the deck the deck. For a moment, we could believe that we were living the high life, instead of our actual dental student lives.

Salad - Some combination of various things.

Main - Steak with mashed potatoes a side of salad.

Dessert - Ice cream with fruit salad.

I love life after exams!


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